Dramatically improve wrinkles, scars, and sun-damaged skin with ProFractional. The ProFractional Laser is a unique fractional laser resurfacing technology that leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected and intact. Fractional laser treatments with the ProFractional laser allows your skin to heal much faster than if the entire skin surface was treated at once. ProFractional laser treatments treat sun spots and age spots, improves uneven pigmentation and improves wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scars with minimal downtime.

ProFractional is typically done in a series of 1-4 treatments, spaced 3-6 weeks apart, depending on your needs. Results are immediate and progressive. Optimal improvement is usually visible in about 2 to 3 months. This time frame and treatment structure allows for complete healing and replacement of damaged tissue with new collagen and elastin, and viable healthy skin cell growth.