Medical Grade Spa Treatments


Manicure1 Hour – $30.00 –  Enjoy a through manicure in a quite sanitary place. Your nails will be taken care of naturally. Cuticles, and dry skin will be a thing of the past by taking care of the natural nail bed. Then your arms and hands are massaged. The perfect nail polish is the end of your hour of pampering.

Shellac Manicure: 1 Hour – $40.00 – Shellac: An amazing polish that stays on for up to 14 days! A great alternative to acrylic nails. This polish won’t harm your natural nail and creates a strong barrier to withstand chipping! Try it today…you’ll never go without it again.

Pedicure: 1 Hour – $40.00 – Come relax in our massage chairs with whirlpool jets and accentuate your senses while being massaged from knee to toe. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and perfectly polished.

Manicure & Pedicure: 2 Hours – $60.00

Hot Stone Pedicure1.5 Hours – $65.00 –  Hot stones are added to our pedicure to give a more stress relief massage to feet and lower legs. Your feet will be completely pampered and soothed with your soak, salt, mask, and aromatherapy. In addition, the rough skin, calluses, and problem areas will be taken care of. This pedicure is truly a time away treatment.

Paraffin: This relaxing and moisturizing treatment can be applied to the feet or hands. $10.00 add on.

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